Health and Safety; The Prime Priority

Platinum promises to eliminate potential hazards, avoid incidents, sustain the environment, safeguard assets and ensure a safe workplace. Platinum provides consultations, inspection, and auditing services for safety assurance.

-Customizing and developing safety assurance programs.
-Designing appropriate technical procedures for tasks and jobs with utmost safety.
-Recommending the appropriate tools and gears for a job in question.
-Designing aiding gadgets to protect Personal Protective Equipment “PPE”. .
-Inspecting tools and gears in use to ensure appropriateness and optimum safety. .
-Ensuring safety procedures and precautions are being followed and maintained on-site..
-Ensuring that tasks and jobs are performed precisely by qualified personnel.
-Auditing for safety assurance of personnel.
-Auditing for safety assurance at the workplace
-Auditing for safety assurance for the environment and resources.

Platinum’s team is accredited to perform all work at height services; the team development and experience accrue from ongoing and regular training programmes in addition to operating in various sites.

Health and Safety Services

  • -Consultation
  • -Inspection
  • -Auditing

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