Reaching the Highest Points in Your Structures is Our job

Declared by our customers as the advanced expertise in the Rope Access field; Platinum guaranteed structuring safety procedures to perform tasks; policy applied depends on the site type.

Sites that require rope access will definitely be of dynamic nature consisting of identified or unidentified hazards, thus, our set policies diminish all identified risks and bring about readiness to unidentified ones.

Our measures cover free fall, side building climbing and working at heights using cranes; also guidance for using aiding gadgets to protect PPE’s are always abided to. Working staff undergo continuous regular training to ensure being aware and compliant to all safety regulations.

Platinum will reach beyond what’s expected to deliver the service promised with the guaranteed safety for both labor and equipment, which means incident free workplace eliminating all the job hazards.


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  • -Economic
  • -Environment Friendly
  • -Safe with PLATINUM

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